sparkle on.

hello all! i hope you’re having a wonderful day today. i just wanted to share something i made for a friend’s upcoming birthday. i painted this canvas and added the quote, “don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle” because i felt that it embodied her so well. but then it got me thinking. everyone has […]

my week in photos

happy saturday! today i wanted to share some of the pictures that i took during the week. maybe i’ll make this a weekly thing! (if i remember to take enough pictures, that is). one of my friends has a toaster…that toasts the lakers symbol on it. i love the lakers. naturally, i needed a piece. […]

music monday!

alrighty, i want to start something new on my blog, so i’ve decided to start *drum roll please* music mondays! this is where i will post my favorite songs that i’ve been listening to for the week. since this is my first one, it’ll probably have a lot of songs. let the listening commence! Between […]

2013: a new beginning

as promised, here is my new project for 2013! “Start the year off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome things happened that year.” like the caption said, i’ve been writing all the good things that have been […]

week 1

if you’re a college student and on the quarter system, you’ll probably understand the whole “week” system. i just got back from winter break, and today was the end of week 1, aka going-to-all-of-your-classes-and-making-sure-you-like-them week. coming back to school after 3 wonderful weeks of sleeping in was hard, but i really like all of my […]

reflecting on 2012

at the beginning of last year, i began one of those projects that some people do that last throughout the year. it was writing in a journal everyday, reflecting on all the things that happened that were worth documenting, and being thankful for making it through the day. i saw this post (that i copied […]

hello, there!

hello new friends! welcome to my blog, a place where i hope to share my interesting things that happen to me as well as my thoughts about anything and everything. here’s a little about me: i am currently 19 years old i’m attending a wonderful university where i’m studying psychology! california girl ❤ i was […]