summer 2013!

holy moly. it’s been about 5 months since i’ve last blogged anything. that’s horrible. my apologies. but since my last post, lots of things have happened. here’s a recap (a nice condensed version, as i am known to ramble):

  1. i found out that i’m going to be a resident advisor next year! i am so SO excited. i’m moving in at the end of the month, and i can’t wait!
  2. i turned 20. TWENTY. and with that my teen years are over.
  3. i volunteered at my old elementary school in my old kindergarten teacher’s classroom…and i loved it.
  4. i went to comic-con in san diego with my friends for the 4th year in a row!
  5. i’ve been seeing a lot of my old friends from high school. i’ve missed them so much!

like i said, i’m leaving at the end of the month, but i have a feeling that there’s going to be a whole lot more fun during the rest of august. happy summer! 🙂

sincerely, lena.


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