my week in photos

hello friends! i’m sorry that i haven’t been posting a lot for the last few weeks. school has just taken up all of my time! but i’m back today with another week in photos…although it’s more of the past 2 weeks in photos. haha. i hope you enjoy!


i went to which wich with my friends for the first time! it was pretty good. i’m always down for a good sandwich!


spreading some love around campus. this chalkboard was in the campus bookstore!


my sister brought sprinkles cupcakes when she picked me up from school! these were the special valentine’s day themed ones. the salted caramel one (left) was so good!


two words: GARLIC FRIES.


starbucks is the cutest.


my apartment-mate made me some fries as a study snack. check out that ketchup heart. ❤


tried my hand at some baking this week. these were strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing. i think they turned out pretty well! 🙂 plus my friends said that they were good.


valentine’s day dinner! this chicken linguine was amazing.

i hope you liked this week in photos, and i hope you’re having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening, or whenever you happen to be reading this! hehe.

still trying to document life’s happenings in photos, sincerely, lena.


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