music monday!

hello people! 🙂 i’m so sorry that i haven’t been posting lately! i have just been so busy with school and such that i just haven’t had enough time for my little blog. but i am here today with another music monday! i’ve found a lot of good music lately, and what better than to […]

my week in photos

hello friends! i’m sorry that i haven’t been posting a lot for the last few weeks. school has just taken up all of my time! but i’m back today with another week in photos…although it’s more of the past 2 weeks in photos. haha. i hope you enjoy! i went to which wich with my […]

happy valentine’s day!

happy valentine’s day, everyone! even if you don’t celebrate this “holiday”, (i know i don’t), let’s just immerse ourselves in the candy and all the cute pink and red colored things, shall we? starbucks is seriously the cutest! celebrate every love today. even i got into the spirit last night and baked some strawberry cupcakes […]

happy chinese new year!

happy new year, everyone! if you didn’t know, today marks the beginning of the lunar new year! it is now the year of the snake, which is my sister’s horoscope! she’ll be 24 this year…she’s gettin’ old! haha…love you jen 🙂 look at these adorable red envelopes we got today. they’re prince and princess snakes! […]

music monday!

welcome to the beginning of the week! to get you through what is probably the worst day of the week, (sorry monday), i will share my fave songs as of the moment. enjoy! 🙂 Little Romance – Ingrid Michaelson Lights Off – Jay Sean Arms – Christina Perri Things That You Say – Jon McLaughlin […]

my week in photos

WELCOME to another week in photos! i’ve really been liking doing these posts…it’s a fun way for me to reflect on the week as well as show you some cool things that happened during the week! let’s begin, shall we? 🙂 so one of the things on my bucket list is to build a “before […]

happy february!

happy february, everyone! can you believe that it’s already the second month of the year? time is flyyying! sorry for the lack of posts, as it is midterm season here at school. which reminds me, i must got back to my reading. *sigh* i hope y’all have a wonderful friday and a wonderful weekend! computer […]