my week in photos

happy saturday! today i wanted to share some of the pictures that i took during the week. maybe i’ll make this a weekly thing! (if i remember to take enough pictures, that is).

Imageone of my friends has a toaster…that toasts the lakers symbol on it. i love the lakers. naturally, i needed a piece.

Imagesome of us went to study at barnes and noble last saturday night. one of my friends was sweet enough to get me a red velvet cupcake. yum!

Imageon sunday, i went to get some dim sum (dim summing, as we like to call it, haha). if you’ve never tried this asian cuisine, you need to.

Imagetook a trip to the campus library. i love books!

Imagea home-cooked meal. 🙂

Imagewinter is beautiful in southern california!

Imagethe pictures that i ordered came in! <3…

Image…and i used them to make this collage on my bedroom wall! i love it!

i hope you enjoyed these snapshots. have a great rest of your day!

sincerely, lena.


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