summer 2013!

holy moly. it’s been about 5 months since i’ve last blogged anything. that’s horrible. my apologies. but since my last post, lots of things have happened. here’s a recap (a nice condensed version, as i am known to ramble):

  1. i found out that i’m going to be a resident advisor next year! i am so SO excited. i’m moving in at the end of the month, and i can’t wait!
  2. i turned 20. TWENTY. and with that my teen years are over.
  3. i volunteered at my old elementary school in my old kindergarten teacher’s classroom…and i loved it.
  4. i went to comic-con in san diego with my friends for the 4th year in a row!
  5. i’ve been seeing a lot of my old friends from high school. i’ve missed them so much!

like i said, i’m leaving at the end of the month, but i have a feeling that there’s going to be a whole lot more fun during the rest of august. happy summer! πŸ™‚

sincerely, lena.



goodness gracious, it’s the middle of march and i haven’t posted anything. must be finals season, and lo and behold, it is. sorry that i haven’t been keeping up with the blog, i’ve just been so busy with school! it’s the last week before finals here and you know what that means! projects are due, papers are due, and massive studying needs to be done. as i’m typing this in the wee hours of the morning, i have just turned in my paper (due later today, hehe), and i am soon to be sleeping in my comfy bed (as comfy as campus apartment beds can be). i have 2 more weeks until the much awaited (and needed) spring break, and hopefully i will be posting regularly again.

to close, i shall leave you with a picture of some yummy baked goods that my club and i made for the Ronald McDonald House near our school:



if you have finals coming up as well, good luck! and until next time, sincerely, lena.

music monday!

hello people! πŸ™‚ i’m so sorry that i haven’t been posting lately! i have just been so busy with school and such that i just haven’t had enough time for my little blog. but i am here today with another music monday! i’ve found a lot of good music lately, and what better than to share it with you?

  1. Fine By Me – Andy Grammer. this song popped up on my pandora and i FELL IN LOVE.
  2. Troublemaker and Dance with Me Tonight – Olly Murs. Olly has been growing on me lately. his music is great!
  3. Clarity feat. Foxes – Zedd (Acoustic Version). i discovered this song on youtube recently. it is beautiful and the lyrics are so meaningful.
  4. The Scientist – Coldplay. a classic, i feel. this song is amazing.

i hope you enjoyed this music monday and check some of these songs out! πŸ™‚

until next time, sincerely, lena.

my week in photos

hello friends! i’m sorry that i haven’t been posting a lot for the last few weeks. school has just taken up all of my time! but i’m back today with another week in photos…although it’s more of the past 2 weeks in photos. haha. i hope you enjoy!


i went to which wich with my friends for the first time! it was pretty good. i’m always down for a good sandwich!


spreading some love around campus. this chalkboard was in the campus bookstore!


my sister brought sprinkles cupcakes when she picked me up from school! these were the special valentine’s day themed ones. the salted caramel one (left) was so good!


two words: GARLIC FRIES.


starbucks is the cutest.


my apartment-mate made me some fries as a study snack. check out that ketchup heart. ❀


tried my hand at some baking this week. these were strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing. i think they turned out pretty well! πŸ™‚ plus my friends said that they were good.


valentine’s day dinner! this chicken linguine was amazing.

i hope you liked this week in photos, and i hope you’re having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening, or whenever you happen to be reading this! hehe.

still trying to document life’s happenings in photos, sincerely, lena.

happy valentine’s day!

happy valentine’s day, everyone! even if you don’t celebrate this “holiday”, (i know i don’t), let’s just immerse ourselves in the candy and all the cute pink and red colored things, shall we?


starbucks is seriously the cutest! celebrate every love today.


even i got into the spirit last night and baked some strawberry cupcakes for my apartment-mates. i think they turned out pretty good! πŸ™‚

until next time, lots of love, lena.

happy chinese new year!

happy new year, everyone! if you didn’t know, today marks the beginning of the lunar new year! it is now the year of the snake, which is my sister’s horoscope! she’ll be 24 this year…she’s gettin’ old! haha…love you jen πŸ™‚

look at these adorable red envelopes we got today. they’re prince and princess snakes! so precious.


even if you don’t celebrate lunar new year, here’s to another year of joy, luck, happiness and prosperity!

新年快樂! ζ­ε–œη™Όθ²‘! θΊ«ι«”ε₯εΊ·! εΉ΄εΉ΄ζœ‰ι€˜!

sincerely, lena.

music monday!

welcome to the beginning of the week! to get you through what is probably the worst day of the week, (sorry monday), i will share my fave songs as of the moment. enjoy! πŸ™‚

  1. Little Romance – Ingrid Michaelson
  2. Lights Off – Jay Sean
  3. Arms – Christina Perri
  4. Things That You Say – Jon McLaughlin
  5. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
  6. Mat Kearney’s album Young Love. his music is so good! my favorites are Ships in the Night and Down. love!

sincerely, lena.

my week in photos

WELCOME to another week in photos! i’ve really been liking doing these posts…it’s a fun way for me to reflect on the week as well as show you some cool things that happened during the week! let’s begin, shall we? πŸ™‚


2Before I die

so one of the things on my bucket list is to build a “before i die” wall. (if you haven’t heard of them, check out their website here.) granted, i didn’t build this wall, but it was at my school! i was so excited that we were going to have one. if you look closely at the second picture, one of the “before i die, i want to…” phrases says “find what makes me ALIVE”. yup. that was me! πŸ™‚


study break = hocho. (does anyone refer to hot chocolate as hocho?)


one of the clubs that i’m in made valentine’s day cards for a local foster home. these are the ones that i made. πŸ™‚




painting time! πŸ™‚


i am rather proud of my culinary skills.


i know this picture isn’t that great, but my friends and i went out to dinner for my roommate’s 20th birthday. this plate was delicious! it was called the chicken and beef koobideh kebab. yum!

thanks for reading, y’all! i love sharing my week with you πŸ™‚ come back on monday where i will be posting a brand new music monday! i’ve got some good music to share, if i do say so myself.

until next time! sincerely, lena.

happy february!

happy february, everyone! can you believe that it’s already the second month of the year? time is flyyying! sorry for the lack of posts, as it is midterm season here at school. which reminds me, i must got back to my reading. *sigh*

i hope y’all have a wonderful friday and a wonderful weekend! computer hugs!

sincerely, lena.

my week in photos

welcome to another week in photos! here’s what happened this week in lena land:


i actually went home this past week because the holiday on monday. this is the photo of my lunch that i had with my sister. we went to smash burger! i had never been there before, and it was pretty good!


everyone. watch this movie. it was SO good.


this was a canvas i made for my friend’s birthday! i wrote a little bit about it in my previous post. i’m really happy with the way it turned out!


i painted my nails this week! they were in desperate need of some color. (and purple is my fave!)


i saw these magnets at the campus bookstore. i thought they were so cute!


you can NEVER have too much froyo.


i bought The Happiness Project at target yesterday! i can’t wait to read it!Β  IMAG0520

and finally, i ended the week with a home-cooked meal on saturday night. penne pasta with chicken and marinara sauce. yum!

i hope you all had a fabulous week! start tomorrow off with a bang. it is monday, after all!

sincerely, lena.